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Virtual and Responsive Multinet Access


Access: Scalable, Flexible and Reliable.

The future of computing is here with Multinet Cloud computing service. With Access organization gets increased productivity and processing power without high infrastructure cost. Access provides elastic resources capacity, management automation, self service provisioning and utility pricing for enhanced end user experience

How do I get to tomorrow’s workplace? The Multinet’s Roadmap:

  • Can I save huge Capex on my IT hardware and help my business grow faster?
  • As a small business, how can I keep up with the latest technology without breaking the bank?
  • How can I achieve high availability without engaging my key resources on non core tasks?
  • How can I achieve scalability without incurring additional cost?

our services

Multinet offers Cloud Computing solutions powered by leading global technology giant, Oracle. Through cloud computing we give the ease to our customers of getting the required compute, storage and applications running within no time with maximum high availability, regardless of locational constraints. Being an infrastructure services provider, provision of bandwidth of your choice is the source of our competitive advantage

Features & Benefits

  • Utility Pricing
  • Elastic Resource Capacity
  • Virtualized Resources
  • Management Automation
  • Self-service Provisioning
  • Third-party Ownership
  • Managed Operation

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service

With IaaS we abstract the underlying infrastructure and data center capabilities so that organizations no longer have to rack and stack hardware, power and cool data centers, and procure hardware. Computer resources can be provisioned on demand as a utility.

Platform as a Service


Platform as a Service

By offering PaaS, we go a notch up and abstract operating system, database, application server, and programming language.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service

With SaaS we give the access to the entire application over the web through a browser or an API. This gives you the convenience of running your core and non-core applications with minimum downtime on pay as you go basis.

Storage as a Service

Storage as a Service

STaaS gives you access to terabytes and petabytes of data within no time. Your data is secure and protected through our firewalls and can easily be retrieved anywhere in the world.

Why Multinet
  • Get your server machine up and running in minutes rather than being involved in a long and tedious process of hardware procurement and application deployment
  • World Class Data Security Standards in place with PCI-DSS compliance so that your critical data is protected from any sort of intrusion and threat. Multinet Cloud provides each customer with a unique VLAN, which makes it virtually impossible for potential attackers to access our customers’ data
  • Providing high capacity and storage efficiency
  • Our network comprises of multi gigabyte Internet connectivity and redundant network design, so access of bandwidth to run your cloud applica tions is never an issue
  • Guaranteed service uptime of 99.99% ensuring reliability
  • Pay as you go and grow, no CAPEX
  • Focus on your core business, leave the rest to us

Giving you access to all the Compute, Storage
and Applications that you need within no
time with promised scalability and metered pricing

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