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How Can MyMS Help Your Business?

●   Market leader in connectivity solutions and managed services

●   Years of customer confidence and ongoing services based on a customer-centric approach

●   One-stop solution for managed information security services

●   24/7/365 operational support both in Pakistan and across the globe

●   Highly skilled, professional, and certified technical team

●   Uninterrupted services with 99.99% SLA across Pakistan

●   Prompt on-site support to resolve all impending IT issues

●   Smart and quick troubleshooting through help desk support

Features & Benefits

20+ years of B2B service
24/7 service excellence
Cost efficient solutions
Proactive monitoring
Cyber security support
State-of-the-art data center
Resilient connectivity
Dedicated on-site security personnel

Why MyMS?

Accelerate Your Business Outcomes With MyMS


Managed IT Service Platform

A centralized system for overseeing and maintaining an organisation’s information technology infrastructure and services. 


Managed Security Service Platform

A comprehensive solution for monitoring, detecting, and mitigating cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities within an organisation’s network and systems.


Managed Network Service Platform

A solution for efficiently managing and optimizing an organisation’s network infrastructure, ensuring reliable connectivity and performance.


Managed Telecom Service Platform

A platform designed to oversee and manage telecommunications services to enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Cloud-Based Service Platform

An online platform that leverages cloud computing resources to deliver various services over the internet, offering scalability, flexibility, and accessibility.

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