Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

“Defend Your Digital Frontiers with MyMS FWaaS”

Managed Router/Device as a Service (MRaaS)

“Streamline Your Network Operations with MyMS MRaaS”

Managed Wi-Fi as a Service (MWaaS)

“Experience Next-Gen Wi-Fi with MWaaS”

Managed Email Hosting & Anti-Spam Service

“Empower Your Communication with Premium Email Hosting”

Endpoint Security Solution

“Fortify Your Network Edges with Comprehensive Endpoint Security”


“Experience Seamless Operations with MyMS Resident Engineer as a Service”

IP PABX & Telephone Hardware Service

“Experience Crystal-Clear Communication with Advanced IP Telephony”

Turnkey Projects

“One-Stop Solution for End-to-End IT & Network Implementations


Passive Solutions

“Elevate Your Network’s Backbone with MyMS Passive Solution”

SMTP Relay Service

“Reliable & Secure Bulk Email Management with SMTP Relay Service” 

Network Monitoring Service (NMS)

“Unleash Optimal Network Performance with NMS Solution”


Access Control Solution (ACS)

“Unlock Peace of Mind with Premier Access Control Solution”

Structured Cabling Solution

“Future-Proof Your Infrastructure with Reliable Structured Cabling Solution”

Video Conferencing Solution

“Unleash The Power of Unified Communication”


Managed SLA/AMC

“Reliable Annual Maintenance Contracts with Managed SLA/AMC”

Managed LAN

“Streamlining Connectivity & Empowering Businesses Through Managed LAN”

Managed WAN

“Crafting A Seamless, Wide-Spread Connection Through Managed WAN Service”


SD-WAN Solution

“Step Into The Future of Networking with MyMS SD-WAN Solution”

License Renewals & Annual Subscriptions

“Experience Seamless Operations with Timely Renewals & Subscriptions”

Video Surveillance Solution

“Experience 24/7 Vigilance with MyMS Surveillance Solution”

WAN Optimization

“Drive Efficiency & Speed with Elite WAN Optimization”


SOC as a Service (SOCaaS)

“Elevate Your Cybersecurity with SOC as a Service”

SIEM as a Service (SIEMaaS)

“Experience Unparalleled Vigilance with SIEM as a Service”


Managed LMS Service

“Strengthen Your Human Firewall with Security Awareness Program”

Managed EDR & MDR Service

“Fortify Your Digital Battleground with Global Threat Intelligence”

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

“Redefine Your Digital Security with VAPT Solutions”