Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

“Defend Your Digital Frontiers with MyMS FWaaS”

MyMS managed firewall service delivers 24/7 firewall management and monitoring of advanced next-generation firewalls and UTM content features. It includes continuous surveillance of potential threats by utilizing Multinet analytics and threat management capabilities. Whether supplying the hardware or handling the management and monitoring of your firewalls, our goal is to allow you to concentrate on your core business competencies while we provide security expertise.

Key Features

Unified threat management

Centralized control

Scalable & reliable

Zero maintenance overhead

Secure remote access

Why Choose FWaaS?


Say goodbye to hefty hardware investments and hello to predictable OPEX costs.

● Consistently Up-to-date

Always benefit from the latest security updates without manual interventions.

Global Protection

Ensure uniform security protocols across all locations.


Scale up or down based on your organisation’s needs without hardware limitations.

● Simplified Management

Single pane of glass management, making administration a breeze.

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