Managed LMS Service

“Strengthen Your Human Firewall with Security Awareness Program” 

Multinet’s security awareness program is a customized and self-paced awareness video program to train users on the potential threats to an organisation’s information and how to avoid situations that might put the data at risk. At Multinet, we offer a robust security awareness training program to secure your business from data breaches. 

Key Features

Interactive workshops

Phishing simulations

Certification programs

Customizable content

Dedicated support

Why Choose Security Awareness Program?

● Comprehensive Coverage

Our curriculum spans from basic cybersecurity hygiene to advanced threat prevention techniques, catering to all skill levels.

● Engaging Content

Through interactive modules, real-life simulations, and engaging quizzes, we ensure learning is effective and retains user attention.

● Regularly Updated

With the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats, our content is routinely updated to stay current and relevant.

● Performance Tracking

Monitor employee progress, identify knowledge gaps, and refine training accordingly.

● Scalable Solution

Whether you’re a budding startup or a global enterprise, our LMS scales to meet your organisational needs.