Managed EDR & MDR Service

“Fortify Your Digital Battleground with Global Threat Intelligence”

Multinet’s EDR service is a cybersecurity solution that captures all endpoint activity and leverages advanced analytics. By detecting unusual behaviours, it promptly alerts the information security team to events and offers remediation suggestions and capabilities to swiftly respond, mitigate attacks in progress, or limit their spread.

Key Features

Advanced analytics

Integrated dashboards

Forensic analysis

Customized security protocols

Automated threat response

Insightful reporting for informed decisions

Why Choose EDR & MDR Solution?

● Real-time Monitoring

With 24/7 surveillance, we detect and neutralize threats as they emerge, ensuring your system’s integrity.

● Advanced Threat Intelligence

Leverage insights from global threat landscapes to ensure proactive defense against even the most sophisticated attacks.

● Expert Incident Response

In the rare event of a breach, our expert teams dive into action, minimizing damage and ensuring swift recovery.

● Consistent Updates

Timely updates ensure your business is shielded by the latest security protocols.

● Holistic Coverage

From individual endpoints to your overarching digital infrastructure, we offer comprehensive protection, leaving no room for vulnerabilities.